25 Reasons to Commit to a Daily Yoga Practice

Having started practicing yoga from a young age, I knew for years that yoga was good for me. Every time I took a class I felt great and my day went better. Yoga physically changed my body, made me feel and look great, and helped me focus on my studies, giving me more confidence. Though all these things were true, I barely practiced at home. At first I didn’t practice at home because I didn’t really know what to do. After several years of classes I knew some postures and a basic sun salutation; still, I didn’t make the commitment. Even after my first teacher training, I had yet to practice on my own every day. I confess it took another 7 years before I finally had a daily practice! I began to crave it and noticed that when I didn’t practice I felt physically and mentally worse during the day.

Now I can hardly imagine living without a daily practice; it brings so many benefits
including balance, ease, focus and a sense of real, true health. The discipline of getting on my mat every morning and listening to my breath as I move my body with intention, has given rise to a slew of healthy habits. It helps me pause before I react, listen before I talk, slow down, and eat better, just to name a few.

So, I am here to inspire you: don’t put it off for years like I did! Here are 25 reasons to encourage you to commit to your daily yoga practice:

1. It’s free!

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