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The Creator

When the artist says, “I am the Creator! I created this work of art” and the work of art says, “I am a work of art, the Creator created me and I create my world”, who then, is the Creator? What … [Read More...]

Love in Action: An Empowered Matrix

We are in strange and challenging times. It seems that just when bonds were deepening and new threads of connection were being formed, fear and small-minded thinking now threaten to unravel our … [Read More...]

E.P.I.C. Recommends

E.P.I.C. Recommends March-April 2017

Icaros: A Vision by Leonor Caraballo and Matteo Norzi www.icarosavision.com Her medical options exhausted, an American woman travels to the Amazon in search of a miracle. Thanks to a young … [Read More...]

Ask the Oracle

Ask the Oracle March-April 2017

Blessings Dear One. It is a good day indeed, yes? I come as Archangel Raphael. I bring you glad tidings and the energy of the Emerald Flame of deep healing. Are you surprised I have come? I think not, … [Read More...]

E.P.I.C. Recipes

Sweet Lime Veggie Noodles

Sweet Lime Veggie Noodles From the Kitchen of Aama Harwood Try this delicious and healthy noodle dish. Packed with fresh veggies, spices and extra protein from Almond Butter. View Recipe … [Read More...]

Watercress-Spinach Soup

Watercress-Spinach Soup From the Kitchen of Jane Burnier The greens in this soup make it a great spring tonic! They key to the vibrancy is blending in the greens when they are raw. View … [Read More...]