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Embracing Intuition at Midlife

Embracing Intuition at Midlife

As spirituality goes mainstream, there is much talk about “living your dharma”. But what does that really mean? René Guénon, in Introduction to the Study of Hindu Doctrines, defines dharma as “the … [Read More...]

Loss, Love and the Healing Power of Yoga

Loss, Love & the Healing Power of Yoga

I grew up in Durango, climbing mountains with both my parents, but especially my father. He was a man of the wilderness, quiet, steady. There was a deep well of understanding that coursed through him, … [Read More...]

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E.P.I.C. Recommends October 2014

The Unknown by Sea Stars www.seastarsmusic.com The sound of Sea Stars pulls you into a mystical realm of dreams and stardust. A place where the heart is an Emperor and the fears are but a fool. A … [Read More...]

Ask the Oracle


Ask the Oracle September-October 2014

We come as Chamuel and Gabrielle to inspire and encourage the song of your sweet soul. Let us release it then, shall we, Beloved? We hear your prayers and we see what is in your heart. So let us say … [Read More...]

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The Red Green Show

The Red Green Show From the Kitchen of Jess Kelley Try this hearty dish for breakfast, lunch or dinner on a crisp fall day. This recipe is quick, easy and delicious. Orach is commonly known as … [Read More...]

Farmhouse Fruit Gallette_cropped

Farmhouse Fruit Gallette

Farmhouse Fruit Gallette From the Kitchen at Farmhouse Café & Bakery Peaches and Berries Oh, My! This recipe makes one large rustic tart or 4 smaller tarts.  You can just look at the photo and … [Read More...]